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SCP-999 and SCP-096 cross test


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Lore Name: Mark

Rank: Researcher (test Approved by Professor Adams 

SCP: 999 and 096

Question / Idea: in the attempts made to try and kill SCP 096 I wanna tame him.

Background Research: in the past a test was made with 049 and 096... it seems they connected, I wanna see if 999 with its special property's could do even better. 

Hypothesis: I think 096 will be tame to 999 and 999 only but one could only hope.

Observations (What Happened During Test): *door opens*

Mark: scp 999 please enter the cc. Note: SCP 999 was briefed about scp 096 and given a choice, he was more than happy to comply.

scp 999: makes a happy noise and enters the cc...

scp 096: 096 looks at 999 and hits 999 with a incredible force that shakes the facility. Note: test almost aborted however cc help and 999 got back up.

scp 999: *gives a large hug to 096*

scp 096: does not scream or cry like in other tests.

note: after ten min on constant hugging it seemed 999 did not want to stop and 096 wasn't reacting, however it was hard to tell on the sensors only.

Mark: *opens door* please leave the cc.....

scp 999: *exits cc*

scp 096 *does not cry for around 36 hours and 14 min and 2 sec.*

Note by researcher Mark: this test was odd and a change of behavior by 096 it didn't seem to react to 999 looking at his face after the hit.

this is a odd behavior and need's to be tested more in depth later.  


Evidence/Visual Stimuli: N/A no test on SCP-096 should ever be recorded photo graphed or watches unless permitted by Dr. ███  or by 

 ██ -  █

Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): scp 999's property's where most likely the cause but more research will be done. 

Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: almost.

Ex SSO Commodore Mark


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Final Score: 85/100

Pretty good work!

Pros: Interesting theory, and how 999 interacts with other anomalies has always been something of interest ever since he was tested with 682.

You got the slimes consent ahead of time 😄

Cons: The actions being put in *'s makes sense, but its a little out of left field. Maybe put it in more of a 

"words, dialogue, so on"

Actions, notes, so on

kind of format, where anything spoken is put in quotes and everything else in normal writing based off context. It looks neater 😄

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