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12/17/2021 New toolguns, level job keys, Christmas 2.5x XP and more!

Jimmy James

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New toolguns, level job keys, Christmas 2.5x XP and more!





New Content:

  • New shadow remover toolgun. With this toolgun you can lighten your props in your base by removing the shadows.
  • New materials. We added a TON of new materials to change your builds and make them a bit more unique.


Level Job keys:

  • Just like the superior AFK citizen, whenever you are on any level job you will get 1 "??? key" an hour if you are on that job. 
  • This works on Super Soldier, Sprinter, King of Kings and Military Renegade.


PD armor boost:

  • All PD jobs got a 25 armor boost all the way to Chief of Police. 
  • This is just to balance PD and crim and encourage play time on PD.


HRT Update:

  • HRT got a small update to their weapons 


State Update:

  • State did an update to all of their departments with new weapons and some rebranding of S.P.R.T to C.E.R.T




  • On Thursday 12/23 there will be double xp 
  • On Christmas day there will be 2.5x xp
  • New donation item coming to the store
  • Gaminglight Love 3
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love the work!

"Aren't we all chasing the light, mate? Looking everywhere to find it. Everywhere but within.

How do you turn your dreams into reality, mate? Well, what's the first thing you do when you start your day? You wake up." - Sassy The Sasquatch

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👀 Been waiting for that donation item


"Won't let go, I'm the type to show you that you're too special, Please don't be the type to hate the things I do, And I'll ride for you, and I'll die for you!" - Juice WRLD

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7 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

Chief of Police. 

Am I a joke to you?

CURRENT - PD SNR Soup 1D63,  FBI PA soup95, DS PFC Soup95 1U42, EMT Soup 8840

SS SO soup95,  Grand Mafia Leader soup95 i want to be staff! >3 -soup95

Previous - Cheif Soup95 1K-8 (joke but real) DOC PROB soup95 PD CPL Soup 1D63


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