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Kozuki's Nova Officer Application

Trinity Trials

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What is your in game name?

What is your SteamID?

What is your current rank?

How long have you been in Nova?
About 2 Weeks.

How will you assist the command with this rank?
 I will assist command by being able to more effectively add to the ranks of Nova, and providing Nova with more structure then it currently has. I will also be able to help command control the Battalion when they are not on, and encourage others to play when very few are on, which will help to spark more activity in Nova, and also being able to contribute to this by training more troops and being able to promote them, which will encourage activity.

Why do you want to become an Officer? 
Because I think that Nova is a really cool battalion, I believe that Nova deserves to be on-par in terms of players and activity with other Battalions such as Shock or IF, and I always wanted to hold an Officer Position because I think it will be an enjoyable new experience for me.

Do you have any experience leading/being an Officer? 
I have little to no experience as an Officer, however, as NCO I have done a good amount of leading the troops during SIMs and Events, as well as during normal ship activities.

What is the purpose/duty of an Officer? 
The purpose of an Officer is to be the best possible role model for all other troopers and be the person that other troopers look up to the most, they should always be astute and aware. Officers should never abuse their rank, and should always stay humble around other troopers while putting those who lack discipline in their place. They need to host Tryouts and Sims and make sure that NCOs are up to par and trained, as well as making sure to always be there for NCOs and other troopers when they have questions or need help overall. An Officer should be the very best he can be.

What qualifies you to be an officer?
I think that my genuine understanding of other people, my helpful nature, and my leadership capabilities make me a great candidate for an Officer Position. I think that my ability to coordinate with other troopers, and the way I help other people when they need me to be there make me of the highest quality choices.

Do you understand you will be on a 1-2 week trial period?
I absolutely understand that I will be on a trial period, and I absolutely take any and all responsibility that comes with the trial period.

(Permission from Nova Command to re-apply)

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+/- Support

-long app with good answers

-Isn't the first rank you can apply at MSG? 

-Has some experience

-I never see you in-game

The fact that I have basically never seen him in-game Makes me kind of neutral towards this topic.

So My Vote can Really go either way

But by all Means Hope you get it and Good luck!

-501st JTO CPT Gamma


Hope fully Soon to be Trial Moderator!

R.I.G & Research Trainer


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Please Speak to a Major + for your training 

 Retired Gaminglight Member after 2 years I'll miss you all 

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people make mistakes. Sometimes they blow up in are face. The idea is to learn from them. Don't feel bad about making them. Even if people may put you down about your mistakes. Make sure to keep your chin up. Mistakes make us who we grow up to be. 


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