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Racc's Officer Application

99 dead raccoons

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1.       What is your in-game name and rank?:

MC RSCS MSG Racc 4426

2.       What is your timezone?:

EST (Eastern Standard Time)

3.       What is your SteamID?:


4.       Why do you want to be a medical officer?:

I believe being a medical officer would be an amazing opportunity, allowing me to take a leadership role with the intent on utilizing it to help inspire the recruitment of new members of the battalion, as well as encourage the retention of these members as well, allowing us to grow our numbers and showcase the pride that is found within the battalion. I also see this as another way to further cement my place amongst the members of the Medical Corps, as since joining the battalion, I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy my time spent with the leadership and other members, as they have always been welcoming and extremely helpful with any questions that I ended up having. I would like to see being an officer as a way to follow in the footsteps of the current officers, as well as extend the knowledge that I have acquired during my time here in the 69th Medical Corps.

5.       What is your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10?:

I’d say my activity is around an 8-9, depending on the day. However, whenever I am online, I am almost always on medical.

6.       Why should you be a medical officer?:

I believe some of the strongest factors that are in my favor are my activity on the server, as well as my commitment to medical. Through my time as an NCO thus far, I have conducted tryouts daily (these being for both medical and rescue squadron), as well as remained active with the everyday happenings within the medbay. As stated previously, I am primarily only active on my medical job, so my time would be committed to the battalion. I would use this commitment to focus on the advancement and development of the battalion as a whole, as well as to the rescue squadron sub-regiment as well to make the Medical Corps prosper even more.

7.       How well do you command other troopers?:

I would say I have the ability to command troopers very well. As an NCO, I haven’t had a substantial amount of opportunities to take the lead, but there have been times where as the highest rank, it fell on me to give the commands. I believe I could utilize what I have learned from these past experiences to improve on my skills, and becoming an officer would only further the progress.

8.       Why should we accept your application over other applications?:

I believe my merit is why I should be accepted over other applicants. Over the past weeks of being a part of the battalion, I have built connections amongst the members of the regiment, and have used my time here to showcase who I am and what I can contribute to those around me. I believe myself to be a fair and kind person, and I am prepared to utilize the best parts of my personality on the advancement of the battalion, and foster an environment where anyone who joins our ranks will be able to have a positive experience where they can have fun and learn a little bit about the rp that correlates with being apart of the 69th Medical Corps.

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17 hours ago, benjacobs034 said:



-Very Dedicated to the battalion 

-Works hard

-always on top of tryouts


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Welcome to the officer team speak to a MAJ+ for training!

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