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i hope to become an officer and do well


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MC RSCS SFS Wolfe 9014

Time zone: Central America

steam ID: 76561199158363692

i want to be an officer so i can help promote look after the lower ranks and give advice and lead them teach them and guide them and be like zug kind but fair i want to be like him and hopefully encourage and inspire some of the new comers.

my a activity is 7 out of 10 except on sundays cause im in a hell let loose clan that does training everyday on sunday.

i can command them fairly well and i tend to raise my voice if i must i do tend to get harsh on some of the trouble makers after my first 2 or 3 warnings i dont mind them having fun infact i encoruage it but you still got play the role of medic and get serious from time to time i dont like yelling at them but if i must i will if they step to far out of line.

well i dont like to put myself before other i usually put others before me but  i will say mostly because im honest value honor and tend to look after the troopers here and there i love some medical and hope to see it thrive and i wanna help with that giving promotions to those who've earned it telling them what they did wrong so they do better in the future and just watching the troopers grow from PVTs to potentially SFC and even more even maybe surpass me i love watching my brothren grow into better medic troopers and maybe do more.

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Please change your title to "Bonk's officer application" Rather than "I hope to become an officer and do well" I'm sure you have good intentions but that just looks awfully unprofessional. I would also suggest putting a bit more effort into the app and make sure you are answering all questions in the format posted above in the forums.

Best of luck.

   Former: Grand General / Havoc Commander / ST Vice Commander

EX Imperial Army Branch Representative.

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You can re-apply in 2 weeks.


Former: MC VCMDR RSL IRS Fail, ST LTCOL Fail Shore Lead STRM SNR, Shock SFC Fail

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