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Bisons Global Resignation


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Not even a decently long resignation? 

Damn guess you hated us. 


Nah, I'm joking. But I will really miss you. 

Good luck in your future. 

Current: Director of Logistics

Former: Security Sergeant Major (and SFC), Head of Medical Staff, Alpha-1 Private First Class, CI Mil Private First Class (and E4 C6), Nu7 Lance Corporal, CI RnD Supervisory Agent (and EOI F3)

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On 12/1/2021 at 9:38 AM, Grеg said:

See you around Bison, wish I could have talked more with you!

Yeah I agree. When I was around you, I feel you are a pretty nice genuine cool guy, hope I'll see you around!

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 Raptor Team Owner|  Nu7 Hammer Down/HSU/SM | Medical/EFM

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Will miss you Bison, see you around mate!

Joined 30/09/2020
MTF Nu7 VCMDR | Field Expert | TRT | Behemoth | C.B.R.N | Rifle Guardian
Former Security SFC || Former MTF Omi9 MSGT || Former CI CPT/MAJ || Former Nu7 LTCOL || Former E11 CPL || Former Maintenance Professional || Former D5 CPT


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Nu7 MSGT | Ex CI R&D AIN | Ex Sec 2LT | Ex OS | Ex CI 2LT

[CC] Owns: OPIF - Omnipurpose Infantry Force | Charple on Vacation | Vonzen Plushi | CI Take Force 'Blackhawks'

[CC] On: Farmer Jakub | MTF Sigma-66 | E-11 Rangers 'Reborn' | TF2 Solider | CI TF2 Heavy | Obama | Lone Wolf | Combine | STARS


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