SCP-513 & SCP-432 Joint Test

Salamander Guy

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Associate Researcher

SCP-513, SCP-432


Researching level of fear when combining otherworldly apparitions with a dark room.

(Possible danger to mental, physical, or emotional health?)

Links to official Foundation documents regarding both SCPs used in test:


Long term exposure to SCP-513 inside SCP-432 can cause mental and emotional health problems.



D-2561 rang SCP-513. I immediately experienced intense anxiety. However, contradictory to everything we currently know about this SCP, I was the only one who saw SCP-513-1, even though the MTF guard and D-2561 were present during the ringing of the bell (neither of them were affected for the entirety of the test). We proceeded to SCP-432, and stayed inside SCP-432 for 5 minutes. I counted around 30 appearances of SCP-513-1. At this point, I was not able to concur what exactly was happening do to and immense amount of terror, and concluded the test from there.


Evidence/Visual Stimuli:

From personal experience, I can easily say that this was the scariest test I have ever done. I experienced intense anxiety firsthand, and these feelings were multiplied when I entered SCP-432.


Analysis / Conclusions:

This test confirms that the level of fear associated with SCP-513/SCP-513-1 can and most definitely will be multiplied when paired with a dark, gloomy room like what we have on site (SCP-432)


Was Your Hypothesis Correct?:

Yes. Currently seeking psychiatric help. I'm going to need some powerful amnestics. Maybe SCP-999 could help? I know someone did a test on this and it worked somewhat... 

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