FootSniffa's resignation from GL


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Hello everyone, most of you may know me because I have been around on the server for around 5-6 months. This is my official resignation from gaminglight imperial RP as I have gone into Havoc Reserves, I have been in havoc almost my entire GL career as it has been one of my most favorite battalions and put all my sweat and tears into it. I have lost all my motivation to play the server anymore and feel like it's my time to move on with my life away from GL as I am currently in 8th grade trying to make it into High School. 


-Wheat  You have been one of my closest friends on GL ever since I first joined havoc while you were a SSGT

Velimir You were a great commander of havoc then joined gunnery officer in naval

Bepiks You are going to be a great havoc Vice Commander don't let anyone tell you different

Genbu You were a great Vice Admiral in Naval and I have told you more about my problems than any other of my friends and family

Mel You are a great overall person ever since you were ST VCMDR now you are a great VCMDR of IF 

Vertigo I have known you ever since i first joined purge since you were a 2LT now you are Purge field commander damn time does go by fast

Miyo You are a great and positive person I wish you the best of luck as commander of 501st

Nebel You are a cringe nae nae baby all jokes aside I wish you the best of luck if you ever get AHC

Theta You are a great guy best of luck in 501st

Sainty You were a great Havoc VCMDR and i'll miss ya

Sawick Thank you for giving me a chance in IF on letting become the rank of LTSL best of luck on either getting SMT or high command

Keegan You were a great part of Medical and I wish you the best of luck in AHC

Red I love you like a brother man you are such a great guy best of luck in RG

Gaz Miss the times we had together in 501st


Well it's been a fun time on GL and i have made many great friends i'll be back someday but bye for now

FootSniffa signing off

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Foot, you’re a great guy and easily one of the funniest people I’ve met on GL. I’m sad to see you go, hopefully I’ll still see you around sometimes. Best of luck in life my guy.




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One of my favorite IF officers. I took a huge chance on you and you lived up to expectations and beyond. When IF needs help long into future you’ll be one of first I call on to come back!

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May you sniff feet in peace. All jokes aside, you we're putting your damn work into havoc. It's sad to see you go. May luck be upon you at all times. Godspeed!




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