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Proxis' Medical Overseer Application


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What is your ingame name?: Proxis


What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:195485792


What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Chief Petty Officer


What specialty are you applying for?: Medical Overseer


 What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: Spectre


What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: As an MO, I can will attempt to make the Medical even more of a welcoming place for people wishing to join, as with my experiences, the people in this regiment are very fun people to be around, showing that to others and providing them with interaction with some of the great people I have met in here would be great. Although if we want more traffic we need more pilots in my opinion, it could definitely be a time zone issue, but at most I see 1 maybe 2 Medic's on (at least for me) during "prime time." More frequent flying would show off Medical as an active regiment and thus we would get more pilots.


Why should you be trusted with this position?:

 feel that my time in the Navy so far has proven enough that I have a firm grasp on my responsibilities. I enjoy learning new things from my superiors as well as my subordinates. I have a blast whenever I get to work with my crewmen. I equally enjoy watching the enlisted that I worked with climb the Imperial ladder. It’s a satisfaction that says, “I did that, I helped get them to where they are today.” I understand that you may be aware of my stagnant activity as of late. And if I were you I'd take this application with a grain of salt as well. I am extremely active in Naval and wanted to do more than just be a normal Naval and I am positive I will be able to increase Medical's numbers.  I can be trusted because I don't minge or break rules. And that won't change if I become an MO.


Why do you want this rank?:

 I wish to help bridge the gap between Medical and Naval. In my time as a Naval, I've noticed that either Medical and Naval are not on the same page, or are just kind of butting heads with each other. I can help ease any tension that could come up , and help both battalions exchange Information/Point of views. Due to my timezone (GMT+8:00) not many players are on the server at that time, so I can increase activity for those Medical on at that time.  I would also implement more passive RP and SIMs, as the navy we go around on maintenance patrols routines regularly and I would like to see something similar in Medical where they would  make sure ships are in fully functional order and test different things around their hangar such as the cranes and lifts. One last thing I would try to improve is the appearance of Medical. I've heard from multiple people across the ship that Medical is one of the least serious regiments onboard. Now I am not sure if these statements are true or not since I usually spend a lot of time on the complete opposite side of the ship or if I am lucky in the ATC, so my interactions with them have been brief. But nevertheless I would try to spend more time over at SHB and make sure they represent themselves as formidable opponents outside of the ship on missions as well as serious onboard.


Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes


What is your purpose within your assigned branch?:

Assisting with the general management of the battalion, making sure that everyone in Medical complies with the rules, and keeping the regiment a great example to others. It also includes hosting tryouts, debriefs, sims and training. It will also be my responsibility to maintain Medical's well being, as well as correctly teaching new Medical to fly better, and Being the link between Medical and Navy, if there's an issue I can help bring it forth and hopefully get it sorted quicker so they can take their minds off it. Helping and steering the regiment in the right direction whether it's through simulations, more training or fixing those flaws that the commander of Medical might not see themselves.


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-Very active

-helpful to all players

-easy to get on with


please sort them colours out though, my eyes hurt after reading that!

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