Personnel File: Proxis Eriselium


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Personnel File: Proxis Eriselium

Clearance Required: Level Four (4)

Scanning Identification: 1%...   27%...   69%...   83%... 100%.

Scan Complete, Access Granted

Opening Personnel File…


Notice: This file remains the property of the Galactic Empire. Unauthorised communication or release of any information in

this file is a violation of Imperial Law under “Imperial Law, Subsection India: Treason, Section 3: I-03 Unauthorised Release of Classified Intelligence”




Full name: Proxis Orion Eriselium


Nickname: Prox


Race: Human


Age: 27


Nationality: Coruscant (Grid: L-9)


Religion: Imperius Palpatinium


Place of birth: Coruscant, Military District


The current place for living: ISD-GL


Occupation: Imperial Naval Personnel


Employing company: Galactic Empire


Income: 2,100,000 GC per standard year


Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Mando’a


Year of Birth: 4 BBY





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