Chimaera Legion Adding and Removing Players

Dr. Pepper

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Name of clan: Chimaera Legion

Removing 1 Player ($25)
Adding 1 Player ($25)
$50 total

SteamID of person that paid:   STEAM_0:1:92083887

Server that clan that is on: Imperial RP

Discord server to have tag on: Gaminglight Imperial RP


In game name of person to remove: Talila

In game name of person to add: Bear


Steam ID to remove: Talila -  STEAM_0:1:216191357

Steam ID to add: Bear -  STEAM_0:1:92083887


Forum Link to remove:  Talila -

Forum Link to add: Bear -


Discord ID to remove: Talila -337031463251869696

Discord ID to add: Bear - 128013206500147200

Teamspeak Unique ID to remove: Talila -  h90uWpKmjNmYCtMffC682LxowlM=

Teamspeak Unique ID to add: Bear - benDgkNdbO2O/w/lv+6biVVW+hk=



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