SCP 432-1 Interview (for grumpys giveaway)

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This took a lot longer to make then I would like to admit.
SCP 432-1 Interview

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  • Adams the research one changed the title to SCP 432-1 Interview (for grumpys giveaway)
  • 2 weeks later...


+Liked the layout of the document, thought could a little longer and more in-depth

+Loved the use of an actual audio log, definitely want to see more

-No test of SCP-432 in lore have SCP-432-1 speaking. Minor amount of points though, because it doesn't say it CANNOT speak either.
-Length of test could've been more, though because of the use of the audio log, won't take too many points off for this.


Overall, great test document! Keep up the great work and continue making more of them, I love it!

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