10/01/2021 - Small Changes/Fixes!


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Small Changes/Fixes!




  • Added 2 channels for PPO in Teamspeak
  • Decreased the upgrades on the Factions


  • Small and Large Custom Printer Buff - Increased payout and max paper
  • Gen store - Fixed a bug where some jobs weren’t being included when attempting to rob the general store
  • 911 - Fixed the 911 to allow every government job to see 911s
  • Radio - Fixed a bug where some jobs couldn’t see the radio
  • Heart-Eyes 1
  • Gaminglight Love 1

PoliceRP Manager

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letsss gooo keep it up!!!


Deputy Chief Tactical 1K-8

PoliceRP Super Admin 

Current ----| Event Team Co-Leader | UMC MERC LVL 4 | CERT CO-Commander | SS SA State MAJ | HRT OSCSupport Staff | Forums Diplomat | $500+ Donator
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Previous ----| USMS R ADA | Scythes Of Paradise High Command SCO19 CHSUPT FBI DAD EMS PARA | SCU CPT | DOC AWOC | SPMU Deputy Head 

"Everything happens for a reason"

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Currently -- | Chief Constable of SOC19 | COL of PD | EMT of EMS | LVL 7 of UMC | Staff | Owner of CC Mar and Sike | Trooper First Sergeant STATE | CPT DOC |

Was -- | DAD of FBI | MSGT of HRT | SA of Secret Service | IRA | Support staff | Event Team | CC Member of HRT | CSM Of SCU 1R45 |                                  

  Things always come and go but its your choice to choose  what you want to continue to see.   -  Mar

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