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Gatts Officer Application


Gatt's officer application poll  

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- What is your In-game name?: Gatts

- What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:606846990

- What is your current rank?: CSM

- How much time do you currently have on the server?: 1 week

- How long have you been in the 501st?: 1 week with at least 1 hour on 501st job each day

- What do you bring to the table as a 501st?: What I bring to the table is my previous experience as an former officer of SF. I will do many Sims, trainings, and make sure that NCOs do tryouts and if any are not on I will personally do the tryouts and only bring in the best of the best for 501st so that 501st will be looked upon as an elite battalion.

- Why do you want to become an Officer?: I want to become an officer because I believe that I would make a good officer for 501st. Also, I have my ambition to become the Commander of the 501st.

- What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?: The purpose and duty of an officer is to oversee the NCOs and enlisted. An officer's duty is to be able to give commands to troops if they are the highest ranked on. They are supposed to show a good representative of 501st, so that others will take the battalion serious. Lastly, officers are tasked to make sure the future officers do their duties correctly and to make 501st a famous battalion that is only known to be the perfect fighting force that the Empire has is its arsenal.

Former: SF SRW SL | IC SSS 1SG |  Ash Dash IF 501st SNRHVY ARC 1LT Havoc ATO SGT | GM lll

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+Great with leading enlisted and ncos

+Knows how to be an officer(was a captain in SF)

+Great guy all around


-+Just recently transferred(Still great fit)

Overall great fit for this position hope you get it dude!!!!

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22 hours ago, Malmood said:

+Massive Support!
+Great Leader
+Always takes in suggestions

Can def see him in this position.

100% deserving, always is more than happy to participate and take lead.
Would be a great addition to our officer team!

Best of luck mate!

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   Former: Grand General / Havoc Commander / ST Vice Commander

EX Imperial Army Branch Representative.

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- Support

+ Active

- Short application

- Poor NCO activity (in regards to tryouts)

- Needs more NCO experience within 501st (Rank transfered so this seems a bit rushed)

Goodluck Gatts!

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| Ex DT S06/DT CPT DK0 | Ex 501st ARC JTL 3010 COL Gustav | EU 




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+ Support

While I have not interacted with you as much as the others, I have heard nothing but good things.

Good luck!

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ISB Director Orson Krennic
Imperial RP JMT | Head Gamemaster | Super Admin


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Application Accepted
Speak to a LTC+ for Officer Training

 Keeper of the Turdium Pantaloons 


Former: Marshal Commander, 501st Senior Commander, SF Vice Marshall, 501st "Stinky" HVYL, & Former 501st Fossil.
[ Also really bad at PvP plz no bully. ]

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