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09/17/2021 - General Updates!


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General Updates!




  • EGM Animation Sweps
  • SCU Update
  • State Update

Fuel Pumps in the following locations:

  • FBI base
  • TAC base

Fuel pumps will not be added to smaller departments due to performance issues.



  • Economy balancing with bitminers

Handcuff Changes

  • Increased reward for jailing from 500 to 5000
  • Increased reward for confiscating from 250 to 500


  • Gaminglight Love 3

PoliceRP Manager

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1 hour ago, Mazgrid said:

Yeah, what was changed with bitminers?

I got a bad feeling that bitminers got mega nerfed or something

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6 minutes ago, Eternity said:

Bitminers were nerfed and buffed 🙂

I dont wanna sound like a dick, like good shit with the updates, but the bitminers were balanced with the million dollar economy and now its not... so im kinda confused. 

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