Evan’s Senior Mod Application- Denied


Should Evan be a Senior Mod?  

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  1. 1. Should Evan be a Senior Mod?

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What is your in-game name?: Evan / Etwan 

What is your steam name?: [GL] Evan?

What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:431737012

Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes I have been a Mod for a good amount of time 

What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) according to battle metrics 9 months.

What date did you make your forums account? January 2nd 

Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Moderator 

How many warns do you have on the server? 2 however they are very old from when I first joined.

Have you donated? Yes Darth a TAC and some CC stuff

What rank are you applying for? Senior Mod

Timezone: EST 

Permission (Admin+ need this): N/A

Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I have been a mod for well over a month and have been taking as many sits as I am able because I enjoy helping people resolve problems to try best of my ability. I’ve also been very much enjoying being staff and would like to progress farther into the staff team.

Thanks for reading - Evan aka Headgehog man

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Very serious with staffing

Senior Mod would fit him well

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+ support 


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  • Head of Staff


At this time, SMT does not find you suitable for our staff team. Please reapply in 2 weeks.

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