[REDACTED] Database Information [TROOPER - TL2]


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        ----------------- DATABASE ACCESS DENIED -----------------

----------------- PASSCODE REQUIRED - ENTER BELOW -----------------

         ----------------- JIO*LHFJk3470*TL-2*&SGT -----------------

        ----------------- DATABASE ACCESS GRANTED -----------------


-------------- RETRIEVING INFORMATION RELATED - TL2 --------------

    ----------------- INFORMATION ACCESSED - LIMITED -----------------


Name: T*(A£"O
Callsign: TL2
Rank: Staff Sergeant [LAST KNOWN]
Battalion; D%^th Tr&*^ers; Basic armament.
Gender: Male.
Height: 6'4 [AVERAGE -D*]
Home-Planet: Nab&*
Species: Human
Hair Colour: [NATURAL] Blonde [CURRENT] Black.
Eye Colour: Green
Birth Place: Na(7o - National Humanitarian Aid Shelter.
Training Location: Scar(*^ - D* Training Centre.
Current Squad: [REDACTED]

Recent Information.

Trooper - TL2
Day 241 Log;

Anyone who reads this should send us support, we are losing rations quickly and I have extreme injuries pleas -Loud screams in background- QUI-!

Current Day - Aboard ISD-[CORRUPTED]-Medical Centre, log.

-Medical Droid 48990 Log-
Trooper TL2 Sufficient injuries - Extreme. 
Explosive/ heat based injuries, shrapnel x30, 8 leg, 12 lower chest, 5 right arm [DOMINANT, CYBERNETIC REPLACEMENT], 3 neck, 2 head.

-Medical Log - Update-
Trooper TL2's cybernetics need replacing TL2 is near death, expect code black.
Injuries major, currently in Bacta Tank.

-Medical Log - Update-
Trooper TL2 has been with us for 9 months now, he is being discharged for basic duties.
TL2 is slightly disorientated and may attack if provoked.

-TL2 Log update-

Greetings log, as of now I have no information for you but it has been 4 months since my hospital discharge and I am at Endor, alone, dying. Again. I wish this wasn't me. -Shouting in distance; TL2 wake up- TL2! WAKE UP!- Wait this was a nightmare, log delete. [DELETION CANCELLED - FILE CORRUPTED]

                     ----------------- Trooper TL2 -----------------
In specialised medical facility, will return in two years.

----------------- DATABASE SHUTTING DOWN, REMOTE SHUTDOWN -----------------
     ----------------- FILE CLOSING - CORRUPTED -----------------
    ----------------- FILE DELETION COMMENCING -----------------
                 ----------------- FILE DELETED -----------------


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