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ImperialRP First 2021 Summer Update!


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First Summer Update!!!





Two brand new Jobs!!!

High Inquisitor

A brand new High Command rank achievable within Inquisitorious and Royal Guard. This rank will support the Grand Inquisitor in any duties related to all of Inquisitors and Royal Guards. This rank will be equivalent to Fleet Admiral & Marshal Commander.

Medical Assault Trooper

A brand new donator job available to users who are Apprentice Rank or higher. This job specializes in combat, and the ability to heal on the go. This new subclass within Medical is sure to make healing much more efficient while on the battlefield.




We are bringing back a casino to ImperialRP! This new system has many different ways to gamble including Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Jackpot, and Coinflip!


Nova Troopers

Nova Troopers will now be apart of our ISD becoming our newest Special Forces Battalion! Nova Troopers Specialize in Combat, and Protection giving them an edge on the battlefield, and allowing them to be one of the most feared and well respected battalion.



Small Changes

Added E-11D, DP-23, and T-21B to Grand Moff, High Admiral, and Fleet Admiral

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