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Mind Control Exerpiment


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Name and Research Rank: Deputy Director Zug and Scientist Fluffy

Subject(s): Random


Targeted Results: To make a device to mind control hostiles.

Actual Results: We used Body Lock Virus (A Mind controlling virus) and spliced it, studying the makeup of the virus and were able to replicate it . We synthisised a sound wave that allows us to remotly control what the virus controls and does. We put it into a Bacta Grenade and tested it on some creatures and it worked, nexted we tested it on a human/Rebel and it worked, we some how captured a Jedi and tested it on it and it works. We are now working on a dust that can be put into a canister and put on a ship when you fly over the canister will open and the virus will attach its self to the creature and take it over. The only down side is that you need to wear more powerful armor that doesn't let in outside if you enter the area but the mind control only works for 3 hours long. This can be used to take over bases within seconds. This virus also blocks the Jedi's use of the force while under our control

Procedures performed: N/A

How could the procedure be improved: Nothing really.

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