Research Log: Zilo Trooper


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Name and Research Rank: Flanbro - VCMDR | Gordon - SFC RSQ

Subject(s): Unnamed Stormtrooper 9118


Targeted Results: Achieving near-immortality in a humanoid being using spliced Zilo Beast DNA sampled from the fallen Zilo Beast on Coruscant added using Radiography beams directed towards the site of the spliced skin. This would be used to protect the highest-ranking members of the Imperial High Command.

Actual Results: Stormtrooper 9118 received incredibly thick scales. During additional testing, he was shot with a E-10 blaster multiple times and received no damage. Seeing his new power, he attempted to break free. 9118 was then neutralized using a neck brace around the stormtrooper's neck, that released highly enriched fuel from Malastare in a gaseous state to instantly kill him once a remote was pressed.

Procedures performed: VCMDR Flanbro sat the stormtrooper on the operating table and binded him down using straps. SFC Gordon started a Ringer's Lactate injection intravenously and mixed ketamine to put the stormtrooper to sleep. SFC Gordon began to remove a piece of skin tissue from the stormtrooper's forearm, placing it in a fusion splicing chamber. VCMDR Flanbro removed a piece of the Zilo Beast's tongue from a biohazard box and placed it in to the same splicing chamber. Over about 5 minutes, the machine did its work and created a small mass of skin tissue. SFC Gordon held the piece of skin on the previously removed area of tissue on the stormtrooper's forearm. VCMDR Flanbro held an X-Ray over the tissues to stimulate the genes before SFC Gordon sutured the skin of the stormtrooper and the spliced tissue together. It quickly melded in to the skin, the area blistering and bleeding. VCMDR Flanbro reported that the adrenaline levels in the stormtrooper were rising quickly, causing him to start screaming in pain. SFC Gordon administered more ketamine as the blistered spots of the skin began to grow long spikes and form scales along the skin. Over time, the stormtrooper had stopped screaming, but could not be tranquilized. VCMDR Flanbro tightened the straps before wrapping a neck brace around the stormtrooper's neck containing Malastare fuel. SFC Gordon began to shoot at the stomtrooper, proving that these new scales were indeed nearly invulnerable to damage. Before attempting to call for an inquisitorious to test the effectiveness of lightsabers, the stormtrooper began to rip out of the binds and attempt to run out of the surgery room. VCMDR Flanbro activated the collar, releasing the fuel and instantly killing the stormtrooper. 


How could the procedure be improved: We may need to set up a more secure testing environment, able to contain the stormtrooper more effectively, so that we can test more damaging implements like lightsabers and anti-tank rounds.


Edited by Flanbro


Ret. Shadow Guard V Noir Ret. SF EP GSO Ret. MC HS VCMDR Flanbro - Ret. GMVI/Mod


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