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Hi to my late introduction


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My first contact with SCPRP was via youtube thanks to a youtuber who posted some funny videos and complained about D-Block (Old)

And then I decided to give it a try, despite not being a big RP person since last RP was too serious and such in some ways, this RP is alot more light (with the exception of Guards/MTF) and quite more fun than I expected (when I first joined I pretty much got rescued by Chaos so I didn't suffer the horrors of being a D-Class and dealing with D-Block).

I myself enjoy doing RP most of the time and participating in it, sure I may get super aggressive towards the Guards, but that I assume is a natural reaction to dealing with them I believe, but otherwise I do I enjoy quite a bit when fun people are around, like sometimes a Dog or something totally normal comes through and tends to be fun, that being a excellent change of pace from dealing with the guards.

My voice isn't the greatest, I myself find it fine but on Mic it sounds really weird and different so yeah, but should be enough to understand me. (In-game it sounds worse for some reason) My primary language also isn't English so it may be a bit harder to understand me as well due to my accent.

I love SCP related content, read quite a few that were very interesting, creepy or even funny and some fan game films and straight up short irl movies, quite a good bit of fun all around! My favorite SCP is SCP-1471 as well as other Waifus ones like SCP-939, SCP-682 and SCP-049.

Hope I get to have a lot more fun on the days to come and that I start to remember of Friday's a little better for my own good. 😛


That is it, thanks for any attention.


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Welcome! Hope you enjoy the servers!

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