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Experiment: GEO 1-3


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Name and Research Rank: Scientist Zug

Subject(s): VCMDR Koopa and Lieutenant Evans


Targeted Results: There where 2 Objects, Objective 1 was to revive Geonosians and the second Objective is to make a device to control them.

Actual Results: We revived them with no problem but they are able to spit acid and are super fast.

Procedures performed: The first experiment VCMDR Koopa we made him into a Geonosian the experiment went well he had 2 Medical watch him we gathered spit samples next we looked at brain activity to see if there was some way to control it we waited for them to upload, we took him out side of med bay he spit acid onto me, 501st and Neo one of the medical, we used some cream to stop the acid from burning us more, the Experiment GEO1 was on the ship without supervision, we said in comms to capture the experiment by that time it was to late someone killed it.

The Second experiment Lieutenant Evans, we made him into a Geonosian it went well, we took samples and looked at brain activity, when taking the spit samples it got up and ran across the ship we called for it to be detained it got shot accouple times we trapped it in ST Bunks we had about 20 people there as well as High Admiral Ducks, he called for it to be captured as we took it back to medbay it spit acid on the binds and escaped again, it went into Purge Bunks it got binded again and when we were leaving Purge Bunks one of the troopers shot the Experiment GEO2 and it clamed died.

In the middle of GEO2 and GEO3 Experiment Neo made a metal that Geonosian can't break with acid and also made a device to control the Geonosians.

The Third experiment we made Lieutenant Evans into a Geonosian again, this time we had a device to control it and a metal spit bag that the acid from a Geonosian can't break, we did some test with the device and it worked perfect, Rebels boarded the ship and tried to enter med bay so the Rebels did not capture the I killed it. 


How could the procedure be improved: Have more security. 

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