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05/29/2021 - Quality Of Life Update!


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Quality Of Life Update!




Government Balancing

Armor Update

  • We have gone through all the armor for government jobs and redone the armor to fit each department. This was done as we feel armor has been one of the issues that has slowly gone out of hand as departments had spread out armor and it was getting very messy. (This will mean some jobs may have increased armor, and some will have decreased armor to fit the average armor per department)

Weapons Update

  • We have also reformed a lot of the weapons in PoliceRP (30+ weapons) This will change how weapons fire and dispute damage. Special weapons like Negev, KF2 etc have not been touched in this change. (We decided to make this change to give some other weapons which were never used and hopefully change up the meta of weapons used and gives players a chance to try out some new guns)


  • Increased the ELS light-on time when leaving a government vehicle 15>30 seconds.


  • 911 Old System (Both were huge content and was not used enough to keep)
  • Cad System (Both were huge content and was not used enough to keep)


Note: All the above changes can be subjected to change and are NOT final.

New updates later this week!

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Update looks awesome, looking forward to using some guns I haven't used before

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  • Head of Staff

I'm excited to see the armor changes and how it will affect PVP

PoliceRP - Head of Staff

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