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Experiment: TALZ2


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Name and Research Rank: Scientist Zug

Subject(s): Janitor Lost Child


Targeted Results: To find out how Talz react to hot and cold temperatures and to find out why the last experiment went hyper when taking Drugs. 

Actual Results: We found out that the Talz get super cold when it is hot and super hot when it's cold and we also found out that drugs do different things to different Talz, the last one went hyper, this one was mad.

Procedures performed: We gathered the supplies for the experiment, we injected the IV with Ketamine into it, We removed the skin, then removed each organ one at a time then put the Talz organs in his vitals dropped we revived the vitals and put the Talz skin on, then woke it up.
We preformed 3 test the first one was to see if it got cold went it got hot and hot when it was cold, we were correct and it got cold when we raised the temperatures in the room. We tested to see what it's eye sight was it was really bad. Then we tested to see if it went hyper from taking drugs, before we did that we got more security, we got ST's to help out and MC we gave it cocaine and it got mad and not hyper like the last one. Then we put the experiment down.


How could the procedure be improved: Everything was perfect.

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