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Experiment: TALZ1


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Name and Research Rank: Scientist Zug

Subject(s): MSG Jamess


Targeted Results: To make a Talz to learn there abilities and how they survive in the freezing cold. 

Actual Results: Goes hyper if it takes drugs and it got put down because it took drugs.
We could not preform any experiment on it because it went hyper and we had to hunt it down and put it down

Procedures performed:  We first gave the subject a IV and waited for him to be asleep, injected the subject with a serum to give it the abilities of a Talz and we gave it the organs of a Talz and the fur of a Talz. After that the subject was woken up we escorted him around ship. At the end we put him down for the fact he went hyper off of drugs given to him.


How could the procedure be improved: We could have had more security and don't inject it with any drug after you give it the serum or it might got hyper.

Ex. Medical Commander Zug
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