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Endo's Officer Application For 2LT


Should He Get Officer  

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What's your ingame name?: Endo

      2.Whats your steam id?: It Is This STEAM_0:0:584831457


      3.Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes

      4.How long have you been on the server: 3 Months

      5.How many warns do you have?: 0

      6.Why do you want to be a 2LT: (Minimum 1 Paragraph)

I want to become a 2LT so I have a better chance to lead and guide all stormtroopers new or higher in the rank  I also want to be able to promote ST's after sim's or anything I host if they deserve promotion. I also want to be able to show ST's that the job stormtrooper isn't just a place holder job for them to join another battalion but a crucial job for the whole ISD. I believe with the right people leading stormtrooper's we could have a whole battalion of ST's showing other battalions the right way to act in most situations though the idea sounds absurd considering the ST job is the first job they get and that not only counts for new players but also minger's and minger's are basically what gives the ST's a bad name but if I get this rank I want to be able to show that I can lead the ST's to even more greatness then there already at. And Also Let everyone have a fun experience playing the game and roleplaying in the server.



       7.What Timezone are you?: PST

       8.How well do you command this Regiment?: (Minimum 1 Paragraph)

In sims when I'm given the opportunity To Lead and command the ST's by a higher rank I do try my best to command them some don't listen but a majority when they do listen to me it has lead to some easy situation's where we easily wipe out npc's or players when were doing a PVP or PVE Sim. I try to help new players by guiding them through everything making sure they understand the server rules and telling them what they can join and everything they can progress in on the ST job which there usually on when I'm helping them most of the time there not mingy. I do command newer players whom I just meet most of the time during lower defcon usually I tell them where are ST battlestations are and show them where to be and where to stand during low defcon even if there new they follow order's well most of the time but if they make mistakes I obviously forgive them because there new and don't have enough experience on the server




       9.What makes you stand out from other applicants?: (Minimum 2 Paragraph)

I Have the time to listen to ST's and Help them with anything they need whether its question about the battalion or anything else related to such things I also have experience as a officer on my other life which is a 1LT and I try on that just as much as I do on Stormtrooper and am ready to help lead the stormtrooper battalion. Not only will this role help me but it will also help the rest of the battalion and I hope the ISD as the stormtrooper's as a whole are one of the best battalion's not only in terms of number but in potential and I would like to tap into that potential and let the ST battalion as a whole prosper with out the presence of hard minger's in the ranks

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