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Use the format below when applying for the position of officer (2nd LT) Only SSGT+ May apply. Advertising your application(EX: Hey can you check out my application?)  can result in a DNP and demotion. 

1. What's your in-game name and rank: MC SG RSO CSM Gray 2773

2: What's your time zone?: CDT

3: What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:459760732

4: Why do you want to be a medical officer?: I want to become a medical officer so I can have more influence over medical and help it go stronger. I also wish to become an officer because it would be a big step in my progress in medical.

5: What's your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10: 8, I am online ever day just to check-in but I try to do things when I am online.

6: Why should you be a medical officer?: I should be a medical because I am the most experienced medical NCO and I know a lot about being a medic and the situations that happen on the job. I am also an officer is rescue squadron. I would be a great fit for an officer and am ready to take the responsibility of being an officer.

7: How well do you command other troopers?: I command other troopers well. When I am the highest ranking on and an event happens I make sure to send troopers to the positions they are most needed. I usually order lower ranks to patrol and walk around and higher ranks to specific positions in the fighting where their expertise will come in handy.

8: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: You should accept my application because I believe I'm the best choice for an officer because I have a lot of experience and I have been in many combat scenarios with expertise on and off the battlefield. I know how to do a surgery and have recruited troopers into medical with tryouts. I believe that I am the best choice for a medical officer.

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You have been denied due as you have already had an app denied recently.  Please wait up to 1 week to reapply. (or since youre CSM wait until you get promoted normally)

SCPRP Former Head Of Medical Staff | "I was hom" | PhD in botching surgeries
ImperialRP Former 69th Medical Corps Senior Commander and Former Commander "What do you mean the patient needs to have a spine to survive?"-Some researcher (probably)  Former ImperialRP Senior Admin


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