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Mapley Early H.L.P.R Bot Application


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1. What’s your Ingame Name?: Mapley

2. What’s your SteamID (steamid.xyz if you need to get it)? :STEAM_0:0:532165723

3. What is your Rank?: Maintenance Adept

4. What’s your time on the Server?: 5 days

5. Total strikes you’ve ever received?: 0

6. How many warnings do you have on GL?: 0

7. Who gave you permission to apply?: Aussie

8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 9

9. Why do you think you’re fit for H.L.P.R. Bot Alpha (60+ words)?: I believe I am a good fit for HLPR Bot, I have past experience with combat that should help me in situations of protection and offensive. I try to be as active and trustworthy as much as I can which so far is going good as I had made friends around Maintenance and in the community as whole. Even with the new HCZ and it being a Maze so far I have the whole outline of HCZ memorized allowing me to help escort Maintenance to there needed positions. I have lots of free time after school and on the weekends that it allows me to be on the server more which can help represent Maintenance as a whole.

10. Chaos Insurgency is raiding and you see them breaching a Keter SCP (like SCP-035). What do you do?: Since H.L.P.R Bot is non-combatant I would call it out in foundation communication and utility. Then I would keep my distance so I can't be compromised, if I am escorting someone or with someone I'll do what ever it takes to keep that person alive.


Can be updated if needed and this is an early application since I'm level 50 but I'll hold onto the job until I'm level 55.

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Pretty close to 55, could just forbid them from getting on the job until then. 

First utility to kill rookie, so they're good at combat. 

Pleasant to be around, competent, and a good fit for HLPR.

Former Ranks      Head Of Maintenance And Engineering                Senior Admin          Support Supervisor        Forum Diplomat        

Custom Classes     The Sniper (Owner)        XG56-Orion's Belt (Owner)        The Engineer        

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Maintenance High Command has chosen to accept your application for H.L.P.R. Bot.

Contact a High Command member (Sparkle or Jack) for your training & whitelist.

[You may attend the training and whitelist. However, you will still be physically locked out until 55.]

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