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Research Log #5 <Project Rush>


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Research Format:

Name and Research Rank: Mute | Senior Scientist (Lone assisted) 

Subject(s):  Shock LCPL Dream 8880


Targeted Results: Following up on my rush project, mixing DNA from creatures from Tatooine, Naboo, and other planets helped with the speed side of Rush. I wanted to see if both serums of Rush can work out fusing together. I also upgraded some of the other serum of Rush, The pain numbing and durability version of it. I added a few more DNA strands of Terentatek, Wampa, and crocodile. Having these would make for a better aggressive/defensive type skin/pain numbing. 

Good Results: It works, the subject is both durable, fast, and has good reflexes. 

Bad Results: The subject just dies, first by turning to  his skin being rubbery and false, then having an adrenaline rush, causing his organs to fail. 

Actual Results: The subject (Dream) was very cooperative. He was hyper at the beginning of this and was happy to test out this experiment. I injected him with the two serums one at a time. as soon as I un-strapped him, IT WORKED! he was quick, fast, and felt no pain when I shot him in the chest. When I shot him in the chest it left a little mark on his skin, but didn't pierce him. So it leaves a few scratches, but its better than feeling nothing, but still being damaged. More test on the making it last longer is the problem. The serums work to its full capacity so far, maybe a few upgrades, but I need to find a way to make a bit longer than 20 mins. The subject was more hyper than usual and ran around the ship and back to med bay screaming and happy. Not as bad as last time with the Havoc, but still hyper. Need to do research on that too.

Procedures performed: simple injection to the veins.


How could the procedure be improved: Have better trained soldiers maybe, and find a way to make it longer. Need to due some research on animal DNA/Human DNA. Some fun things to try. Maybe try Rancor DNA to make it faster, or try some aquatic life DNA to see if I can make a type of serum that can help breathe in water. Maybe enhanceable with some cybernetics, injecting the serum into them when its perfected. Also find a way to make them less hyper.



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