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Research log <Dawdle Spray>


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Research Format:

Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist

Subject(s): ST VCMDR Willie 1150 (Subject 1) | ST HVYAL 1LT Herman 6589 (Subject 2)

Targeted Results: Working on project rush, made me realize, I need to find a way to stop a Rush defector. Or someone who is against the empire who has rush in them (Hopefully that doesn't happen). So I created a light corrosive substance with the same properties of pepper spray, which would only go through the epidermis and armor of the aggressor. I want any type of security type forces to use this, while any frontline use Rush. 

Good results: It works and only affects under the skin, leaving a really bad irritating, unbearable pain.

Bad Results: Nothing happens, or the it melts the skin and bone of the arm.

Actual Results: It works! but only in small dosages. When I used a little on Subject 1 (VCMDR Willie) he felt so much pain that he was trying to escape. Having tighter strap ins he didn't escape, but he was very very irritated and in pain. I deduced the pain will last around an hour or so. Need more time to research how long it will last. It was a success only spilling a little bit of the liquid on him, but on his counterpart. Known as Subject two (Herman) He felt nothing. I quickly stood him up and scanned him. It turns out the liquid backfired and instead of eating through the skin lightly, it nullified it self. 

Procedures performed: Simple drop/pour of the liquid on area

How could the procedure be improved: Find a way for the liquid to not nullify it-self to much/maybe at a reactant that it only reacts to organisms on contact. Also try to find the right amount of dosage/measurement that the liquid will be very effective and more painful. 


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