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Research Log <Project Rush>


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Research Format:

Name and Research Rank: MC CM T SPC Mute 1745

Subject(s):  Shock IA STFJN MSG spook 5321(Subject 1) | ST HYVE PFC Kai 1345 (Subject 2)


Targeted Results: Create a vaccinated type drug that will enhance the user's regen, athletics and a so called "Speed Rush" 

Actual Results: Subject 1(known as spook) was not treated on for this, all he did was sit down and I drew some blood. I also took a small tissue of skin for later comparison with Subject 2 (Kai). I concocted a mixture of small dosages from an adrenaline shot, small dosage of anesthesia, and pain killers. Mixing them with some Bacta gel. Once I had my shot ready, I tried to get back Subject 1, but he was busy with another experiment, I assisted on. after that experiment was done, I grabbed the first ST I could find, which was subject 2. Subject 2 consented to everything and was nice about it. I injected him with the drug, and we waited for 30 mins, making small talk with him, seeing if he had any symptoms. Originally I thought it would make his heart explode or malfunction with the adrenaline and painkillers in his system. He seemed fine on the inside and we waited for the drug to kick in. The subject said he felt a little stronger and bit faster, but he looked the same. I took some of his blood and centrifuged it like I did with subject 1. I did the same with his skin, but It was a little tougher than usual. I used the microscope to compare each subjects blood, and found little to no change in the centrifuged blood cells. Only difference was that Subject 2 had more red blood cells than subject 1, maybe due to the drug. The skin tissue was also the same, but it seemed changed somehow for subject 2. More tests will be needed to find out

Procedures performed: Blood sample, centrifuge, and small laceration on each arm.


How could the procedure be improved: Do more research on how to improve said drug. Also maybe take some blood from a Sith and compare it to our troops. Maybe a force wielder will help. Maybe doing some chemical research and adding different chemicals will help too. 



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