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Name and Research Rank: Rocket | Scientist (Assistants - Tidepod - Corduroy - Silk)

Subject(s): 501st SNRHVY 2LT Stevie


Targeted Results:

Good = Super DNA has successfully been added and the subject has received the following 

Bad = Super DNA Fails and the subject becomes a monstrosity of animals.

Actual Results: Good! Subject immediately blended into his environment and could take many saber slashes and blaster bolts! Of course to make sure I didn't just make a god we killed him in the end by shoving a saber through his skull.

Procedures performed: Basic Injection of SUPER DNA (Consists of every DNA strand of my other tests all in one.) 


How could the procedure be improved: Only way I think it could improve is if it was mass produced.

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2 hours ago, Rocket299 said:

to make sure I didn't just make a god we killed him

Ah yes medical practices


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SCPRP Former Head Of Medical Staff | "I was hom" | PhD in botching surgeries
ImperialRP Former 69th Medical Corps Senior Commander and Former Commander "What do you mean the patient needs to have a spine to survive?"-Some researcher (probably)  Former ImperialRP Senior Admin


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