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FrenchJm HLPR Bot Application


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1. What’s your Ingame Name? FrenchJm

2. What’s your SteamID (steamid.xyz if you need to get it)?  STEAM_0:0:502214633

3. What is your Rank? Maintenance Adept

4. What’s your time on the Server? 2 Weeks

5. Total strikes you’ve ever received? None

6. How many warnings do you have on GL?  1 (Went into armory as 682)

7. Who gave you permission to apply? Sparkle

8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 7

9. Why do you think you’re fit for H.L.P.R. Bot Alpha (60+ words)? I think I am a fit for H.L.P.R Bot Alpha from of a multitude of traits and skills that I have that can not only benefit myself but everyone’s safety within the facility. I am very knowledgeable of the rules within SCPRP, I am great in combat when the occasion arises. I can show leadership within any event that happens. I am on the server every day for a minimum of three hours and can go longer if it is needed. I also will show integrity towards everyone no matter what the circumstance is. I will also show the upmost respect towards anyone I will come in contact with no matter if I dislike them or not.

10. Chaos Insurgency is raiding and you see them breaching a Keter SCP (like SCP-035). What do you do? If I am escorting some Maintenance I would ask them to retreat then take cover to tell in comms that CI is breaching 035-1. If they were to attack my maintenance I would ask them to rush to a safe zone such a Panic room , shelter room or bunks then shoot back at them and make sure I don't get hacked by them.


Thanks for putting time to read my application ! :3

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Pen Pen enjoyer, Noot Noot~

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