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Sulfur's MMF App


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Your Name : Sulfur

Your SteamID : STEAM_0:1:545705839

Your  Rank : MA

What is your Level? : 74

Which command member gave you permission? : Haha pills

On a scale of 1 - 10, How active are you? :  Ill say a 8 

Are you a Containment Cleaner, and if so, What Rank ? :  N/A,  Not CS

Why are you  fit for MMF (The longer the better) ? : I wouldn't say im fit for MMF but I would like to serve a purpose and escort Maintenance to places where fixing is needed.  I think its better if MMF escort maintenance rather than MTF because MTF have their own job.

What do you believe MMF's Purpose is? : 

The MMF’s tasking is to dispose of the on-Site Bio-hazardous SCP’s
(SCP-049(-2), SCP-008(-1), and SCP-035-1. For this they are equipped with 

a (XXXXXXXX), and a (XXXXXXXX). In addition to this they are tasked with “Cleanup” Operations for MTF, which means, cleaning Bodies, Bullets, and the sort to ensure secrecy for off-site combat scenarios.



I'll update it if needed

Edited by Sulfur
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-logs look good

-not a minge

Only problem is you copy and pasted the purpose from SOP but I believe you can still be MMF without this mistake

Edited by Dr. Pills

Chaos Insurgency General Pills

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-Attempted to crash the server with props (A while ago)


May have changed and seems to have done some good, so I'm leaning more to a plus.

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