Peters' O5 Medical Application

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In Game Name: Peters
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:522604518

Strikes: 00

Why do you want to join the 05 staff team: I want to join the O5 staff team because the 05 has an intimidating presence and due to their low activity levels, a lot of the community does not know what they do. I would like to change that by continuing to be an active member of this community and helping to lead the medical community towards a more fun, effective, and active future. An O5 member can set the tone when they walk into a room. But what if that tone wasn’t intimidating, but instead welcoming with knowledge and structure. That is what I want to bring to the 05 staff team.

Why should we accept you: I have played on other role-play servers on multiple different platforms before, and I have left many of them due to a lack of understanding and a disconnect between the leadership and the personnel. I do not see either of those things in this server and I wish to improve it. For the past 8 years of my life, I was involved with the BSA learning how to be an effective leader and how to improve and grow a community at both my local and council levels. I am no stranger to tough calls and new situations, I know that the most important skill to have in any situation is adaptability, but the second most important skill to have is the ability to admit when you are wrong or when you don’t know something. These skills have served me well in life during my experiences leading and growing different communities and I would like to put them to use here in Gaminglight. I enjoy playing with the Gaminglight community and any time I have to spend I spend it here. I may not be active during the peak hours but I am fairly consistently on during the late morning/early afternoon and late-night hours, and I think that is what the O5 team needs to have to expand their knowledge and influence. If my application is accepted I look forward to learning more and experiencing more of what Gaminglight has to offer. If it is denied, then I will look forward to helping the community grow as a member of medical research.

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-support never seen you on and kinda seems like you want to become O5 just for the Power of being lv5 personnel.

MTF Nu7 1LT | Nu7 DHFTO | OH7 | French Canadian Man

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