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Master and Apprentice.

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What do you want to see? - I would want to see a Master and Apprentice system in the server. 

Why should we add it? -  We should add it because it could help new players understand the server. Their master could teach them about the server and jedi or sith lore or whatever they want. Then the master could tell the head of their branch if they have been seeing improvement in their Padawan.

What are the advantages of having this? - Makes it easier on the CMD peeps to keep track of everyone and see who is worthy of promotion when the master can keep track of their padawan or apprentices. Also would make a more active player base so they get on everyday.

Who is it mainly for? - For new players of the server and also for Knights and master to get Padawans to Darth and Lords. It teaches the Lords and Darth responsibility of teaching someone. 

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