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Blargs Backstory

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Accessing file for BLARG........


ACCESS Granted

Name: Blarg                  Rank: Senior Commander

Regiment: 69th Medical Corps

Birth Name: Currently Unknown at this time

Height: Approximately 5'9
Home Planet: Tatooine 


Medical Record: Cybernetic left leg from accidental Saber ignition, Multiple Blaster shot wounds to upper chest
Criminal Record: 3 Counts of murder and Grievous Bodily Harm

Bio: $ %[email protected]!

1. Possible suspect for disappearance of a 501st Sergeant. 501st Sergeant was last seen in medbay with Blarg. Investigated.....

2. Suspected of arson in medbay. Investigated...

3. While attempting to save the ISD from acidic gas Blarg made "Fixes" That all ended up making the gas worse. Investigated and successfully charged.

4.  Prime suspect in disappearance of multiple medical staff. Reports from patient " Blarg brought a medical researcher in the surgery room. About a minute later screaming was heard followed by 3 blaster shots. Blarg then returned to the checkup room about 5 minutes later without the researcher." Investigated but lead to a dead end....


6. Found with a vial of [REDACTED] .  Claimed it to be " Sauce". Vial was inspected as [REST OF INCIDENT IS REDACTED FOR READERS SAFETY]

7: Had a revolution staged against him... Resulting in the death of 4 Imperial researchers and 3 Medical Staff. 5 Non medical staff were harmed in the revolution. 1 31st Sustained Moderate Injuries (One blaster shot to leg) Survived. 2 Shock troopers one Private and one Lance Corporal were caught in the cross fire leaving one dead and the other in critical condition. Patient didn't survive. 1 Crewman was Seriously injuried after an imperial researcher attempted to throw acid on Blarg hitting the crewman instead, The crewman survived the incident.  . Another Unidentified trooper's burnt remains were found at the scene. Incident was investigated and surviving rebels were executed. 


Fears; Bug-like Creatures

Weapon of Choice DC-17s

Strengths: Speed and armour strength 



 SCPRP Former Head Of Medical Staff | "I was hom" | PhD in botching surgeries 

ImperialRP 69th Medical Corps Senior Commander    "What do you mean the patient needs to have a spine to survive?"-Some researcher (probably)
JvS Jedi Guardian Padawan III


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Where da Yankee wit no brimm?
-Commander Mikey 

[Naval Commander Mikey]
“Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.” – Author Unknown.

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Naval Vice Admiral| ImperialRP Staff Member | ImperialRP Staff of The  Month January 2020

〖PoliceRP〗| SWAT MSGT XK8 |  

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Somethings off about this, fears does not say Research team and Classy

Count DookuModeratorJvS

  Retired ImperialRPAgent KallusR DT COL QR2R MC EM MAJ Classy 6732

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