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SCP-1048 Test


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Name: Jummy Bagels

Rank: Associate Researcher

SCP: 1048

Question: How would different Types of paper and Pens/Pencils Affect SCP 1048 Capability to draw?

Background Research: SCP 1048 has enough cognitive function to communicate through crude drawings 

Hypothesis: SCP 1048 would have struggled to draw normally because of inexperience with different drawing tools


Paper used: Generic Brand sand paper

Pencil/Pen used: Standard crayola crayon

Result: SCP 1048 made a portrait of SCP 572, Nicknamed "Mr Fish", SCP 1048 when "finished" with the drawing proudly presented it to the researchers and other staff present.

Analysis: SCP 1048 had the ability to adapt to different kinds of paper quickly, However Different types of pens/pencils have not been tested yet, we are awaiting future testing


Edited by Jummy

Research Manager | R.A.U. Commissioner | External Agent 1 "Oyasumi"


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Top tier test log; Not only is this a prime example of meta-modernism and our divergence from the post-modern world.
The hidden depth of this log is nothing but a timeless master piece any human-being could comprehend. 

I rate this a 6.33333/10spacer.png

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