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OS Application - Lantard


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1. Name: Lantard

2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:73656222

3. Rank (Expert and Professional only): Maintenance Expert

4. How would you rate your activity (1-10): 7

5. Why should we trust you with the OS rank (40+ words):  

I have zero strikes on Maintenance, and have zero strikes in Gensec. I have not missed a single meeting without a proper reason. I have no non-verbal warns, and have only had one verbal warning on D-Class. I have never missed a log. I am a semi-active containment specialist, and previously was a Senior Containment Cleaner before the merge. These reasons should hopefully prove that I can be trusted as an OS.

6. Why do you think you should be command? (70+ words): I Think I should be a part of command as it would expand my tasks in Maintenance giving me more reasons to be more active. It would also assist me in dealing with troublesome trainees as an FTO or troublesome people in general as my rank would allow me to perform more actions to have them dealt with properly and quickly. It would allow me to be more informed about the state of the branch, and if necessary pass down information to non-command ranking personnel. It would be an all around assist to most problems that I run into.

7. If you saw a Jr Maintenance minging and breaking the SOP, how would you handle it: I would promptly inform them to stop whatever they are doing, if needed pull them aside and then inform them of what they broke in the SOP,  to not do it again and if needed provide a reason why. If they refused to comply and kept minging or breaking the SOP after several warnings, I would grab their name and SteamID, then punish them and inform a higher ranking member or staff if necessary.

|Retired Security CPT||Mr. Golf||Retired Maintenance OSPV||MTF E11 Directorate "V" ||Retired Omi-9 SSGT||Nu7 MSGT||Retired E-11 CPT||Retired D5 1LT||Ex-Senior Coldsilver|

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