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All Robert De Niro's (my Event Characters)

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This is a List of all known Robert De Niro's in the Galaxy.

This List might get expanded later.


Robert De Niro the 1st: Imperial Spy who gave intel about a rebel base which later got attacked, he got killed by imperials who didnt even try to identify him.

Robert De Niro the 2nd: Died in a Imperial Raid as he fired uppon Imperial troops for no reason.

Robert De Niro the 3rd: Was Shot by a Scout Trooper while trying to Kill Vader.

Robert De Niro the 4th: did the wrong turn and ran into 15 imperial soldiers.

Robert De Niro the 5th: Shot Dead by his Leader for making a bad Joke.

Robert De Niro the 6th: Got sliced in half by a RG.

Robert De Niro the 7th: Got Shot by IF.

Robert De Niro the 8th: Fought to the bitter End against a whole Attack Force-

Robert De Niro the 9th: Rebel with unknown Location.

Robert De Niro the 10th: Rebel with unknown Location.

Robert De Niro the 11th: Rebel with unknown Location.


(This File will be expanded with all my future Robert De Niro's every time i use them so dont mind looking in here in the future cause changes will come)

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The De Niro cinematic universe 

Imperial Army Grand General/Head of the Army

Former Medical Commander ARU SGT (and avid tea drinker)
"Badger. You have forsaken me to no Sleep you Medically Certified Bastard."

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Robert de niro the 3rd gets mad respect for having the balls to  take on vader 

 SCPRP Former Head Of Medical Staff | "I was hom" | PhD in botching surgeries

ImperialRP 69th Medical Corps Commander  Naval EO Midshipman
"What do you mean the patient needs to have a spine to survive?"-Some researcher (probably)


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