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Map Secrets for Minecraft City

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This is a Map Secret for Minecraft City

The secret is the hidden cake room. This room just has a nether portal that will teleport player to a location on the map. To to this you must flip the torches in the specific order. 

The first torch is located in the castle as you walk in. Click the torch and it should turn blue4000_screenshots_20200616114616_1.thumb.jpg.d10d39c70b2bfcceb0ad7ac4f2d67767.jpg4000_screenshots_20200616114605_1.thumb.jpg.4335f9de19c7eddac359b44645adb401.jpg


The next torch is located in the boathouse on the wall near the the window with torches on them. The torch you need to click is the one furthest to the left in the row of torches.4000_screenshots_20200616114628_1.thumb.jpg.d36392b018c2b70160f20d00b6b2fd2f.jpg4000_screenshots_20200616114646_1.thumb.jpg.30355c12c6e9462c5d9ff95eb5261d6c.jpg

Next go to the main house and down the ladder. Follow the path till you reach a torch near gravel above a ladder. Click the torch. 4000_screenshots_20200616114701_1.thumb.jpg.e8eb389147d69d55bcfb386029d9eb5e.jpg4000_screenshots_20200616114709_1.thumb.jpg.61521acb12a1806a8d4f7d09135161bb.jpg4000_screenshots_20200616114723_1.thumb.jpg.1a3ad7c631569c00a578447566f3b206.jpg

Then the next torch is down the water path leading to the Tester. You will see some broken cobblestone for you to break. Break it and click the torch on the inside.


Finally head back inside the house and click the torch on the right. Once you do that then the bookcases should open and you should have access to the Cake Room !!4000_screenshots_20200616114913_1.thumb.jpg.57a6c1953da1af75f9c690736d03f02c.jpg4000_screenshots_20200616114919_1.thumb.jpg.750ee236d86b50e3debe4410e9aaf1ca.jpg

Thats all folks !! -Said Looney Toons, But thats basically it for this map. Hope you enjoy 




Offical Cutie Pie and Human Resources 

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