Dr. Wolfe's Resignation

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Well well well what a time this is the boys are coming out and im leaving lets see were do I start this has been one hell of a ride so I will start with the people I met on this run

-Brandon you were a Gen when I was a PVT just fyi you still got the bounty on you 300k for your death you also said some funny stuff hope you get GOA

-Hudson You were I think LTG when I was in there and now you are a Gen good job just don't use your belt you brake more things on your desk

-Pheonix you and me were in USAF for almost the whole time  you CPT you when left I was still 1LT from me being a CPL in US to a SRA in USAF all the way to 1LT you were there with me still think you could have stayed in USAF and not goto RUAF even tho you BG now or something you could have been a USAF BG and not a RUAF BG

-Jake you were a good Vice Commander I say you did make a good job on being a minge and then left to RU and are now the  RU Commander

-Tempest you were a MG when you left I was I think only CPT or below but hey your back and stuff um make MP Great.

-Jess you were fun to be around you liked to mic spam like mic spaming the one thing from MW3 still don't know how you got away with that

-War you were MC Commander and you were with Jake you and me got along well and we had fun on the server and on GTA5 we should play sometime

-Tumz you were a good Gen you had your rank a Navy one for a bit cuz Josh was minging on RU BG and gave you that rank was funny and you gave me US pointman with the Pointman training you did that one night

-Theman you were also with me when I was in command and you were COL for a long time  got job on getting Commander

-Jones you were also COL for a long time good job on getting Vice Commander hope you get Commander if Theman get BG or leaves

-Quinn you were BG when I was PVT then got MG and then stayed there hope you get LTG thanks for being on USAF jobs a lot

-Tigersdon or Trigersdem as I called you that one time you are by far one of the most minge of minge hope you get COL even tho Brandon said you have a COL ban or something

ok now on to the good stuff Im Resignation for things 1. is that I just have a hard time doing school staffing on scprp and playing on mill as a LTC 2. I've lost the feel thats makes me say hey I should get on Mill I just don't want to play mill no more 3 -0-0-z

so ya this is my Resignation thanks for on the good times still Brandon has the 300K bounty and Tigersden if you read this I still hate you for doing that to me when I was cuffed in a cell to the wall
I do not know If I will come back to the server at all I may come I may not who knows 

now has 2 Blacklist's from US had one but now have 2

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Posted (edited)

Gonna miss you Feel Free to come on the server and Say Hello If its still around and Maybe Some Of US Will still be around to remember you!!! (Why you ruin it 😞  )


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I was gonna post a respectful goodbye, but then you went and ruined your reputation by doing stupid shit. 

Cya. Don’t hurry returning.

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Posted (edited)

Damn bro, sad to see you go...... all these people resigning is making me want to come back.....hmmmm




Nvm, wtf did you do to  get yourself blacklisted.... why

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