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Progress & Update on TTT

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Thought I would keep you guys updated on whats happening with TTT and whats new! Recently TTT had their first update about a week ago! In their update you will see down below!

TTT Update:

  • New items in Donation Store
  • Power Rounds addon (Mini-Event)
  • More player models, traits, accessories.

We hope these will help with any entertainment and enjoyment on the server and we hope you guys enjoy it!

Player Count:

  • Throughout the past week, TTT player count has been slowly dropping. As Gaminglight now has a Minecraft server! TTT staff, understand that players will play on the minecraft and we completely understand! It's always good trying new things and trying out new servers, which is totally agreeable! We hope we can still continue getting players on TTT from time to time. Weekends would be pretty good to get a good amount of players on, of course we staff will try and get people on during the weekdays. But yeah, we're still going to continue pushing for players and activity on the server and we hope you guys could join us by helping us out!

Any suggestions/ideas:

  • If you guys have any suggestions or ideas, you would like to introduce/suggestion. Feel free to suggest them on our forums! Would be good to see some suggestions, as that will help us get a better perspective on what you guys would like to see on TTT.

That's pretty much about it! I figured just to make this post and tell you about TTT progress and whats been happening etc. We hope to see you continue playing on the server and we hope you enjoy the new update!

Kind Regards



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