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RDM Manager (Reporting System) Guide

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RDM Manager (Reporting System) Guide


This guide is for those, who don't know our reporting system and are not sure how to use it. RDM Manager is very easy and helpful when reporting people, it's very simple to use and you will get a better understanding by referring back to this post. This is our system for reporting people and any other situations that occur in TTT, many people have asked "How do use it" "How do I report someone" Well, I figure to make this post and give you a clear understanding and knowledge about RDM Manager.

Common reasons to Report on RDM Manager:

  • RDM (Random Death Match)
  • Attempted RDM (Attempted Random Death Match)
  • False KOS (False Kill On Sight)
  • Player Disrespect
  • AFK players

Do not report players for these reasons when using RDM Manager:

  • Possible hacking (If you think someone is hacking, tell a staff member in-game by typing @(message) in chat)
  • Possible Ghosting (If you believe someone is ghosting, tell a staff member in-game by typing @(message) in chat)
  • Staff abuse(If you believe that you are being mistreated by a staff member, you must file a staff report on our forums)

This is what the RDM Manager looks like:

!report brings up a menu on your screen:


  • When you type !report, a menu will pop up on your screen, with a list of players. If you have been killed, you will be able to find the person who last killed you. If the killer doesn't show up in the report menu, that means the person has left the server. Once you find the player that you're going to report, you will have a box to write in to tell the staff member what happened. Down below the box you have an option with the DNA, this shows you if your killer had DNA on you. If they did, the text would be green and it would say "(Player) had your DNA this round". Every report is a standard report, so just highlight is as a "Standard Report".  And finale, if you think you have followed all the instructions on your report. Click submit to complete your report!


If you click the "Logs before your death" on the report menu, this screen will appear:


  • This is very useful and helpful when reporting a player for either Attempted RDM or RDM as it will show you if the person who tried to kill you/or has killed you. Also, it's very helpful for determining if the player you want to report for Attempted RDM or RDM did the required amount of damage for it to consider Attempted RDM or RDM). Make sure you're always checking the logs before death, to make sure that you are reporting the right player.

Once you have submitted your report. This screen will appear when you have reported someone, but the reported player has not responded to your report:


  • A staff member, will see your report and will see that it is "Waiting" Staff members have to wait for the reported player to respond, if they do not respond. They will be force to and will need to give a valid reason of their side of the story.


Once the reported player has submitted his responses. This screen will appear and will be put into "In Progress" Which means a staff member is dealing with your report:


  • A staff member, will be dealing with your report once the reported player has gave his responses. The staff member will set the status "In Progress" and will handle the situation. A staff member may at their discretion, take as much time as needed and will figure out a conclusion. Also, once a player has submitted his responses, the report menu will pop up on your screen. To see if you "Forgive" the player or "Not Forgive" the player. Make sure you press one of those, to either continue or cancel the report.


Once the staff member has completed the report, the report status will be changed to "Finished" which means the report has been completed and a conclusion has been submitted:


  • For an example, once the staff member has set the conclusion, the player may have been slain or has been spoken to. If the report is finished, but the staff member did not leave a conclusion, check chat in-game for a slay or or another punishment. Remember don't argue with the staff member, if things didn't go your way. Staff members at their discretion, may issue a punishment.


That's pretty much to it, it's very simple and easy to use. This guide like I said, is to help those who are not sure on how to use our reporting system. Make sure you follow all these instructions to ensure that you're doing everything correctly. If you're still having trouble with using our reporting system, please ask a staff member in-game and they will be able to assist you and will guide you through more on the RDM Manager.

If you have any questions or need any other information about TTT. Please feel free to contact a TTT Staff member whether that be, in-game, teamspeak, discord, or even private message on the forums. We will be happily to assist you with any answers you need! Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to see or want on the server, please make a thread in the 'Suggestion' section in TTT.

*Disclaimer* This may be edited at anytime, I highly recommend you checking once and awhile for any updates that may be edited in this thread.

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