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United States Marine Corps Training Guide

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United States Marine Corps Training Guide


This is a training guide made specially for the United States Marine Corps


Basic Training


Soldier Training - unlocks at PVT - CPT+ must train


1. Teach the basic rules of combat (RoC)

2. Teach trigger discipline to the trainee until the trainer takes no damage

3. Run the trainee through the obstacle course, have them take less than 30 seconds to complete

4. Have the trainee go through the breaching room twice, once with his SCAR-L, the other with their pistol

5. If the trainee does very good on their training they receive the rank of PFC, if they do poorly they receive the rank of PVT


Medic Training - unlocks at LCPL- CPT+ must train


1. Whitelist them to the medic job

2. Explain to them how the first aid kit works, difference between left and right click, and how to buy medical supplies

3. Teach them how to use the defibrillator

4. Once taught, ask for someone to help you, kill that person and allow the trainee to defib the dead person


Pointman Training - Unlocks at MSGT - CPT+ must train


1. Teach them how to properly use the shotgun, ie not using it as an ar or sniper

2. Teach them how to refill ammo on flash grenades

3. Tell them that they should not spam flash grenades for no reason


Marksman Training - Unlocks at GYSGT - CPT+ must train


1. Teach them how to put modifications on the sniper, allow them to modify as they would like

2. Once ready, go to the outside portion of kill house and have them hit 3 targets in 10 seconds

3. Assist them with learning how to counter snipe

4. If MAJ+ give them PTL with you and show them good sniping spots


Special Forces (MARSOC)

USMC MARSOC  Riflemen Training - Unlocks at MGYSGT when MARSOC app is accepted - LTC+ must train


1. Reteach basic training

2. Teach how to make and perform tactical maneuvers

3. Do the helicopter survival portion with them


USMC MARSOC Corpsman Training - Unlocks at 2LT if the 2LT is a MARSOC - LTC+ must train 


1. Reteach them again the basics of med kit and defibrillator

2. Do the helicopter survival portion of the MARSOC training again with them


USMC MARSOC Scout Sniper Training - Unlocks at 1LT if the 1LT is a MARSOC operator - LTC+ must train


1. Do a sniper survival simulation

2. Do a best of 5 sniper war between you and the trainee, repeat until the trainee wins

3. Do the helicopter survives portion of the MARSOC training again


Special Forces (FORECON)


USMC FORECON Scout - Unlocks at 1LT - COL+ must train


1. Teach the trainee how to make good callouts

2. Help the trainee make good backup

3. Have the instructor show how to properly scout an area before war


USMC FORECON Crewman - Unlocks at MAJ - COL+ must train


1. Show the trainee where the APC dealer is and where the vehicle spawns

2. Show the trainee how to spawn an APC from the dealer

3. Have the trainee spawn the APC and test drive the APC outside of base

4. Have the trainee do target practise with the APC

5. Tell the trainee the rules about ramming


Officer Training

2LT Training - Unlocks at 2LT - MAJ+ must train


1. Explain what it means to be a 2LT

2. Explain how to run debrief

3. Explain a trial period

4. Explain when they are allowed to apply for CPT

5. Tell them when officer meetings are and that they are required to attend

6. Explain to them forum activity will be required from them

7. Notify a VCMDR+ of the promotion VIA discord pm once done



US Officer Training - Unlocks at CPT - COL+ must train


1. Explain how to use the baton and when to use it

2. Explain how to use the promotion form and tell them the password

3. Have them fill out a promotion form for themself. Repeat until done correctly

4. Tell them they may only promote to SGTMAJ

5. Explain how to set rankicons

6. Explain how to whitelist

7. Explain how to do promotions in debrief

8. Ask an Marine enlisted for help

9. Allow the promotionee to perform a fake demotion, removing the enlisted USMC Soldier whitelist, removing their rankicon, and filling out a demotion form. Repeat until done correctly (Have them put their name as USMC CPT (name) CPT TRAINING so we know to deny it)

10. Have the new CPT promote the enlisted for being helpful

11. Notify a USMC CMDR+ when done via forum pm or TeamSpeak message


Major Training - Unlocks at MAJ - must be done by the promoting COL+


1. Explain to them that they can promote to 2LT

2. Explain to them how to train 2LTs


Lieutenant Colonel Training - Unlocks at LTC - VCMDR+ must train


1. Explain to them that they can promote to 1LT


Colonel Training - Unlocks at COL - Must be done by CMDR+


1. Explain that they can promote to MAJ in Officer meetings only

2. Teach them how to do captain training


Helicopter Test Portion

1. Get in a helicopter and fly to a random point on the map

2. Crash the helicopter and have the trainee bail

3. Make sure the trainee pulls the parachute last second

4. Teach the trainee on how to stay quiet so the enemy cannot capture them

5. Notify the trainee that they are not allowed to call for a rescue crew to save them after the crash


Sniper Survival Portion

1. Go to a common sniping point on the map

2. Notify the trainee that they will have to survive a sniper attacking them 

3. Tell them that they can kill the hostile sniper on sight



By: Quinn

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