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Medical Vice Commander Vita’s Resignation


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I planned to stay in GL for about 2 years! Seems new things changed and lots of people helped me through the long road I have followed down. I wanna thank Divide and Johnny for helping me out with Medical Experience and building me up to become a better person in IRL. All the 64 Days I have been in the server was a blast. I honestly do mean that, I wanna thank TAlila for being a good friend and teaching more things about Gmod on the server. You all may ask why? The reason is the amount of negative energy given off and thrown at me. I wanna apologize for not being as active the past week and I’m actually fighting Corona and that shit has me thinking imma die soon. I might aswell make this resignation while I’m Quarantined before anything else.


Also PS: This ones for the boys in the Medbay 🔥 How am I suppose to make it being honest, when the whole world keeps breaking every promise! 💔 ☹️

Current Medical Vice Commander Vita

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