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Currently of the time of posting this, I am the only Marine, which isn't a good look for our branch. Right now, I could be just typing this message to just be sent right back to me. Please guys, we need to be actually here, we complain and complain about things that we dont try to fix. I've been trying my best to keep this branch at least some what active, and some what on its feet, but rn we have nothing. So, im asking you guys to help me, and help this branch, so we dont fall down our knees....

ImperialRP] | ST 2LT Josh 1424 | ST HVY Assistance Lead Josh | ST Scout Reserve Josh | SF FC Josh 1424 |
PoliceRP] | SCU CPL Josh 1S60 | FBI SSA Josh KGB46 | SM Josh 1A65 |Trooper FSTC Josh 1T93 | Moderator Josh
MilitaryRP]  | Retired US LTC  Retired USDI CPT and USMP MPO | Retired Moderator and WarDog |  | Ex. USAF CPT | Ex. USMC COL  | 

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