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Am I really fit for officer?

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Hello fellow marines and the rest of our army,

As we all know (or should know) I am curently inactive, I have no excuse besides saying that my dedication to the server is not where it should be right now. Now I have a dicision to make; Do I... 1. Resign 2.go on LOA till I get my shit together or 3. Find out how the hell I'm going to keep my rank. I need advise from someone so please message me in Discord so I can chat privatly with you and figure out what I should choose. But I do need to apoligizes for my absence and for being unresponsible. I feel like becoming a CPT was a mistake and I knew I should of waited longer. Once again, sorry.

~ Guitar Boi  (Nicholas) 

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Hi! Lawrence here, wanted to chime in on this.

While I'm not responsible for your branch I would like to make it clear that this is something you should discuss with your higher up's directly.
I personally really appreciate you being open about this and willing to admit fault where it may be as few people are willing to do that. However that is not the point of your message.

You're going to want to speak with your commander's and generals in combination regarding this. While I speak for only myself when I say this- I can imagine I'm not the only one who would not like to see you resign.


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Lawrence (MillitaryRP)

United States Air Force Brigadier General

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As Lawrence said, this is something that should be brought to your High Command.

Please contact me on discord regarding this topic.

United States Marine Corps Vice Commander Pyro

"It's Not A War Crime If You Don't Get Caught"

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