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What do you want to see in TTT?

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Hello Readers,

I've noticed in the past couple of weeks that TTT only population is on the weekends. The population of TTT has dropped a bit on the weekends and we hardly no players on weekdays... this may have something to do with an attitude of "Oh no, no one is on! let's play some else. There's nothing to do on this server' etc.. Well, since I have no real control over this issue, this thread will be unofficial. However, I'd like all members of the TTT community or those who have an interest in playing TTT in the future, to reply with some changes and/or new stuff to improve the general experience that they personally like. Please don't go too over the top as some people would like to load in faster etc!. Personally I believe we should come up with some events or mini-games and such to invite more players to join the community. Such as maybe make a min-game when there's a lot of people on?

TTT is a great self run server and would be good for everyone to enjoy and have fun with their friends, it would be good to know what you guys really would want on the server for you guys to have fun and keep coming back! and if you have any suggestions or opinions to help populate the server. For an example, is there certain maps, is there certain weapons, is there other important stuff that you would want and think that would populate the server. I thought making this and getting everyone else's opinions would help us see what you guys really want, I have made many suggestions to hopefully make the server more fun and entertaining for others. So, if you have any ideas or anything you would like to see in TTT, that would help TTT grow and populate. Please put them in the 'TTT Suggestion' section!

I just thought making this topic would help the TTT Staff Committee, to have a clear understanding on what you guys what to see, so we can try and get these suggestions into the server! We would want you guys to have the greatest and funnest experience on TTT! We could really use your help with any opinions or suggestions you guys have, to help us grow as a team and a server! Hopefully this is a clear understanding for whoever is reading, it'll be good to see TTT start populating more and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Feel free to give us any information, suggestions, opinions etc... We would love to hear and see your suggestions!


Thanks - Munchies



"Crack open a cold one mate, no worries mate, come to the outback mate, gonna go to maccas and get some brekky mate"


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