Personnel File for Dr. Alrikr “Rose” Kingstolk

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Attempting to unlock personnel file for “Dr. Alrikr Kingstolk”




Code accepted opening personnel file “Dr. Alrikr Kingstolk



Name: Dr. Alrikr “Rose” Kingstolk

Sex: Male


Height: 6’ 0”

Eyes: Blue

Homeworld: Coruscant 


Current Occupation: Chief Medical Officer of The Imperial Navy

Previous Occupations: Medical Practitioner, Chief Of Surgery of The Republic Navy (Dishonorably Discharged)


Criminal Record: Assault, Manslaughter, Distribution of Illegal Substances, Illegal Experimentation, Medical Malpractice


Medical Record: (As of 20 BBY updated last by Chief Medical Officer Churchill on date of patients dishonorable discharge.) 

“Patient appears to be in exceptional physical health in every way, however the patient shows signs of severe mental instability. Patient shows signs of Schizoid Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” 


Strengths: Physically Fit, Extremely Intelligent, Possesses Large Amounts Of Medical Knowledge And Experience, Harsh But Effective Leader, Willing To Carry Out Orders That May Cause His Own Death Or The Death Of His Men.


Weaknesses: Mentally Unstable, Reckless, Prone To Violence, Prone To Criminal Activity, Difficulty Expressing Emotions. 


Fears: Disappointing His Superiors, Losing His Mind Entirely.  


Backstory: Alrikr Kingstolk was born on Coruscant to parents Erik and Kirsi Kingstolk. They led a middle class life and money was scarce but they seldom went hungry. Alrikr’s father was said to be highly abusive towards him and his mother leading us to believe Alrikr’s mental state may be hereditary. Alrikr was what would be considered a troubled youth and was convicted of several minor crimes during his childhood. He was also rumored to have been affiliated with some of the mobs of the lower levels but insufficient evidence has been found to prove this accusation. However upon turning 18 and finishing his primary and secondary education,  Alrikr managed to somehow procure enough funds to attend medical school. He was highly proficient and graduated at the top of his class. He attempted to get a job at The Grand Republic Medical Facility but was denied due to aggressive tendencies and so, he enlisted in The Republic Navy at 24 to serve as Chief Of Surgery during The Clone Wars. He was initially a great fit for the role and personally saved the lives of several high ranking individuals. However near the end of The Clone Wars he was convicted of medical malpractice due to illegal experimentation he had been conducting on POWs and clones that had been deemed ineffective and marked for termination. Violating the terms of his contract he was dishonorably discharged and had his medical license suspended until further notice but was allowed to return to civilian life. During this time Alrikr went completely off grid and little is known about what he did during this time, however speculation and rumors say he was working as a doctor for several criminal organizations. These accusations once again cannot be proven. During the rise of the empire Alrikr was eventually tracked down by imperial agents and offered him the position of Chief Medical Officer of The Imperial Navy and gave him clearance to conduct any experiments he deemed “necessary for the improvement of The Empire.” Which more or less meant that they would turn a blind eye to any side projects he would like to conduct as long as they were documented for The Empire. He graciously accepted this position and currently serves The Empire as Chief Medical Officer of The Imperial Navy.




Closing personnel file “Dr. Alrikr Kingstolk



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